We always have your best interest in mind. It shows in everything we do.

We always have your best interest in mind. It shows in everything we do.

Our members are our most valuable asset. That’s why everything we do — from the accounts, loans and rates we offer, to the personalized caring attention we provide — is designed to help you to achieve your goals.

We appreciate each and every member!

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Paper or Plastic

Not the bag, your payment.
Why not try plastic? A credit Union debit card works just like cash at any retail outlet with a point-of-sale scanner, enter your personal identification number, and make the payment directly from your share draft account. No fumbling for a pen or identification. No worrying about lost or stolen cash. You get a receipt from the store and a copy of your account transaction for east record keeping.

Stop in to request your debit card. Maybe plastic is the answer.

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Canceling Credit Cards The Right Way

Canceling unused credit cards is an excellent idea, but keep a few things in mind to do it right.
Keep an account open, and don’t let the card issuer know you’re thinking of canceling until the balance is paid off. Some issuers may increase the interest rate if you try to cancel while you still have a balance.

If you cancel your credit card over the phone, know that your card issuer may transfer you to someone who will try to convince you to keep the card. Also, make sure you receive written notification from the card issuer of your cancellation and write down the day, time, and who you spoke with for your records. Ask the card issuer to report that the account was “closed at customer’ request.”

If the card issuer offers you a better rate or an improved deal on a card you’re trying to cancel, get all the details; consider keeping it and possibly canceling another card instead.

If you have balances on several cards, consider consolidating those balances on one or two low-rate cards and cancel the rest.

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