Share Accounts

The share account is a basic membership account representing one share of ownership in the credit union. As a member, you have access to the many benefits and services we offer. Dividends are paid to you monthly.

Required for membership at the Credit Union:

  • Opening balance of $5.00 required, that is the minimum for keeping the account open
  • Dividends paid quarterly
  • Can withdraw at any time

Christmas Club Accounts

Plan ahead for your Christmas expenses by opening a Christmas Club Account! Deposits can be made by check, cash or payroll deduction and withdrawal checks will be issued once a year around the 1st of December. These accounts earn dividends monthly and require no minimum balance however, once a withdrawal is taken the account closes for the year.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

IRA’s are an excellent way to plan for the future and in many cases your funds are tax deductible. We offer Traditional and Roth IRA’s which can be opened at any time of the year and the dividends are paid monthly.

Share Certificates (CDs)

Share certificates are similar to bank’s Certificate of Deposit (CD). If you want a higher dividend rate and do not need immediate access to your funds, then share certificates are for you. The Certificates are federally insured by NCUa. The minimum balance required to open a Certificate is $250.00 and the minimum term is 90 days.

Money Market Account

Our Money Market account offers easy access to your money with higher yielding interest. A $2,500.00 minimum balance is required, dividends are paid monthly. Six withdrawals (up to three by check) are allowed per month and there is no monthly fee. A minimum balance penalty applies if the account drops below $2,500.00.